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New compound to kill cancer cells identified

New compound to kill cancer cells identified:

A small molecule that resets the ‘biological clock’ of cancer cells can facilitate shrink tumour growth and result in potential new medical aid to treat cancer, says an enquiry. The molecule referred to as 6-thio-2’-deoxyguanosine (6-thiodG) will stop the expansion of cancer cells, the findings showed. “We determined broad effectualness against a range of cancer cell lines with very low concentrations of 6-thiodG,” aforesaid Boche shay, prof at University of texas Southwestern Medical Centre within the United States of America.
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The researchers didn't observe serious aspect effects within the blood, liver and kidneys of the mice that were treated with 6-thiodG. The molecule acts by targeting a novel mechanism that's thought to control however long cells will keep alive, a sort of ageing clock. This biological clock is defined by dna structures referred to as telomeres, that cap the ends of the cell’s chromosomes to safeguard them from harm and that become shorter on every occasion the cell divides.

New compound to kill cancer cells

Once telomeres have shortened to a important length, the cell will now not divide and dies although a method referred to as cell death. However, cancer cells area unit commonly protected against this death by an rna macromolecule complex referred to as telomerase, that ensures that telomeres don't shorten with each division. however 6-thiodG may be wont to disrupt the conventional approach cells maintain end length.

“Since enzyme is expressed in most human cancers, this work represents a probably innovative approach to targeting telomerase-expressing cancer cells with lowest aspect effects on traditional cells,” Mr. shay distinguished.


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